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Ginny Gives Grants Now Available

The Dementia Society of America (DSA) believes that every person living with Dementia, every caregiver, every human being, should be given the opportunity to enjoy music and song. To that end, DSA has partnered with On Demand! Programs and Events to provide programs that enhance the lives of those living with Dementia. Our Ginny Gives Grants program offers variety, and provides ways for people to connect through art, music, dance, touch, and more.

Why did DSA create the Ginny Gives Grants Program? The Ginny Gives Grants Program was established in the name of a wonderful woman who died prematurely from Dementia. She enjoyed music, dance, travel and the arts. Her husband founded DSA by asking questions like: “Wouldn't it be transformative if more people living with Dementia, along with their caregivers/care partners, could be reached, touched by, and benefit from non-medical programs devoted to enrichment of their quality-of-life?" We believe the answer was, and is, “Yes!”

There is a limited number of Basic Grants issued each year. DSA allocates a monthly budget and once exhausted, there are no more Basic Grants issued for that month. The budget varies so pre-approval is required. Basic Grants are approved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For 2018, all Basic Ginny Gives Grants are $100 each.

Dementia-care Communities and/or other Dementia-friendly organizations in the U.S. may apply.

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Chandler Hall residents and staff would like to thank you for the opportunity that the Ginny Gives scholarship afforded us this fall.  Through your generosity we were able to book three unbelievable talents from On Demand! Programs and Events.

Our audience was captivated by the amazing talents of Jeff Dershin, Courtney Colletti and Claudia Pellegrini as they performed so many familiar songs, bringing back such wonderful memories. Some of the comments from the audience included:

• You are unbelievable!!

• I can’t remember when I have enjoyed a concert more

• I didn’t want it to end

• Please be sure to come back and share your talents

"At Chandler Hall, we find that music is the one experience that everyone, regardless
of their cognition, can appreciate on an intimate level. We value our relationship with Dementia Society of America and look forward to many years of successful programs
for our residents."


- Karen Freedman, Director of Adult Day Center, Chandler Hall, Newtown, PA


Natalie Kaye – On Demand Programs and Events